Choose solid wood flooring, laminate or vinyl?

Solid wood, laminates and vinyl for flooring are beautiful. all three are made of wood, but these 3 types of wood floors have differences. what is the difference between these three wooden floors?

  1. Solid Wood Floors: wooden floors that are truly made of wood not from wood processed materials such as tripek. solid flooring materials usually from teak, mahogany, merbau wood. Prices also vary depending on wood type and size.
  2. Laminate Floors: Floors made from compacted wood powder and on the surface of the floor are coated with certain materials so that the appearance is like a wooden shape. the price of laminate floors is much cheaper than solid wood because it is not real wood, only pressed wood powder.
  3. Vinyl floors: a type of synthetic floor covering that can mimic any type of floor in terms of motifs. wood, stone, marble motifs can be made. Made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which has a very smooth and elastic texture, it makes it easier for builders to install. excess floor with this material is durable and the price is very cheap, very easy installation. Want vinyl flooring? see the designs below and get inspired.

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