How To Decorate A Beautiful Garden

How is the garden decoration beautiful and in accordance with the theme of the house? for those of you who have a large area of ​​garden decoration it becomes easier than home interior decoration. many garden designs in minimalist homes that still use the gazebo as a place to relax while on vacation. drink coffee and enjoy the garden at home.

For the theme of the garden that you want to make, whether it’s a romantic atmosphere, family togetherness or just a relaxing atmosphere.
*Romantic: have to set the lighting to look comfortable and of course a romantic impression is obtained.
*Relaxed atmosphere and togetherness: arrange a garden chair and gazebo for a place to chat and rest. to make it more complete add a lantern as a light, or more practical now there is a yellow LED light that gives the impression of being romantic and comfortable.

Do you want the impression of the past? also prepare antique or old objects. You can hunt antiques in this online world. antique lights, sinks, places to pound rice in ancient times and others. see the garden design below so you immediately get inspiration

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