Minimal Family Budget Design Ideas

How is the decoration of the living room or family room with a minimal budget? For those of you who want to design the maximum living room, this limited money is the solution. Here are some ideas on how to design a family room with a limited budget but maximum results:

  1. Maximize storage space
  2. Avoid the number of seats that are too much: In addition to ineffective budget, too many seats will take up a lot of space.
  3. Change the color of paint: replace the paint into a lighter color such as beige, peach or pale pink, bright blue or gray to get an illusion that looks broad.
  4. Pendant lamp: from minimalist designs to chandeliers, chandeliers can beautify space and create appropriate ambitions, without taking up space for other furniture.
  5. Furniture functions: buy a small sofa that can be pulled into a bed (sofabed).
  6. Size of furniture: a large sofa will make the room look more comfortable, but keep in mind that choosing a sofa is something vital for the living room / family room. A sofa that is too large will take up too much space and make the room feel much narrower.
  7. Pillows: Pillows make the room feel more friendly and comfortable with the theme of the room.

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